IBD Patient Survey

IBD Patient Survey

The IBD Patient Survey has now closed for 2019.

We have received over 10,000 responses to the IBD Patient Survey. Thank you for all the support - by sharing your experiences in the IBD Patient Survey you have highlighted what your hospital is doing well, and how they could improve your care.

Results will be available on the IBD UK website in early 2020.

IBD Services are also doing their part to improve care across the UK, and many have now registered for the IBD Benchmarking Tool. You can find out whether your hospital has registered on our services map. Their results will be used alongside IBD Patient Survey responses, to provide an overall picture of care.

For more information about Crohn's and Colitis, the IBD Standards and more, please take a look at our information for patients.

IBD may be invisible, but we the patients are not

Melissa Fletcher, patient