Service Self-Assessment

Service Self-Assessment

As part of the IBD Benchmarking Tool, the Service Self-Assessment questions are based on the IBD Standards.

The 2019/20 Service Self-Assessment was open from 1 October 2019 to 31 January 2020. 166 IBD services across the UK (72%of all IBD services) completed the Service Self-Assessment. This includes 134 adult and 32 paediatric IBD services. In England 132 services completed the Service-Self Assessment (74% of services); 13 in Wales (76%); 14 in Scotland (64%); and 7 in Northern Ireland (64%).

For all services that submitted a service self-assessment, you can access all reports & free text comments from the IBD Patient Survey via your Benchmarking Tool log-in. You’ll be able to assess how your service is doing against the IBD Standards compared to:

  • The UK average
  • The country specific average
  • The experience of patients using your service
  • Your service’s previous results (when available)

If you need to request a new log-in for the Benchmarking Tool, please send us an email.

For guidance on your results and how to communicate them, please see our Service Communications Toolkit.