IBD Benchmarking Tool

IBD Benchmarking Tool

The IBD Benchmarking Tool – made up of the Service Self-Assessment and the IBD Patient Survey - aims to address variations in the quality and consistency of care people with Crohn’s and Colitis currently receive in the UK.

The IBD Benchmarking Tool 2019/20 is now closed.

Over 10,000 patients in 99% of IBD services across the UK completed the IBD Patient Survey and 72% of IBD services completed the self-assessment. The combination of patient views and comparison against the IBD Standards provides a powerful and unique opportunity to push up standards of care for everyone with IBD.

IBD UK recognises that services across the UK are working hard to deliver consistent, high-quality care. The IBD Benchmarking Tool aims to help services to identify where resources should be directed in ongoing Quality Improvement, and to show commitment to your patients’ views and needs.

For all services that submitted a service self-assessment, you can access all reports & free text comments from the IBD Patient Survey via your Benchmarking Tool log-in. You’ll be able to assess how your service is doing against the IBD Standards compared to:

  • The UK average
  • The country specific average
  • The experience of patients using your service
  • Your service’s previous results (when available)

For guidance on your results and how to communicate them, please see our Service Communications Toolkit.